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Our Stars

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Cameo is another one of our star patients who got injured in an unfortunate mishap when her mom arrived home one evening. We suspect that one of her larger clumsy friends jumped on her in all the excitement, resulting in her breaking her leg. This all happened quite late in the evening and she was in quite some pain and distress. We quickly stabilized her and provided her with pain relief, and the next day proceeded to repair her broken tibia. Unfortunately due to her age (14 years!) this healing took a bit longer than expected.
We are pleased that she has made a full recovery from her ordeal, and is once again able to enjoy her walks on the beach with her family.


Leelu is a 5 year old bouncy little bundle of energy that presented as a bit of a diagnostic challenge at the clinic. She initially presented with vomiting and just not feeling herself. Initially we suspected pancreatitis or a severely inflamed stomach wall, but after performing several tests it turned out that little Leelu was in fact in acute renal failure!
Over the next few days in the hospital under close monitoring and treatment her condition slowly improved and her appetite returned. She went through lots of nursing care at home, and currently she is doing really well and leads a perfectly normal life with her two smaller friends Sushi and Watson.
We suspect that there is some residual kidney damage which is being closely monitored by our vets and managed with a special Hills K/D (Kidney) diet.


Milo is a friendly 12 year old Spaniel that developed quite a serious bout of diarrhea. Quite embarrassing for himself and his owner! Faecal examinations showed a rare fungal origin causing this diarrhoea, which cleared up relatively quickly with the appropriate medication, only to relapse quickly again after the treatment was stopped.
His treatment was altered and included a probiotic, calming medications, a specifically formulated herbal mixture and Hills I/D diet.
We are pleased that his symptoms have not returned with this treatment and that he is up and about doing his favourite activities.

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